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The cover is pretty great, though - Electric Pages
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Electric Pages
Date: 2009-04-26 13:52
Subject: The cover is pretty great, though
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Tags:ed_mcbain, mystery, usa
The Gutter and the Grave (1958)
by Ed McBain
217 pages - Hard Case Crime

This pulp mystery novel was originally published under the pen name Curt Cannon and titled I'm Cannon - for Hire. The current title was the one preferred by the author. The story follows the adventures of Matt Cordell, who used to be a successful private investigator, but after a series of tragedies he's just another wino hanging about in New York City's Bowery. An old acquaintance tracks him down and pretty soon he is caught in a web of murders and affairs and corrupt cops.

Probably the best thing to do with this novel is to go in with lowered expectations. The main character is supposed to be a homeless alcoholic, but still every attractive woman he runs into comes on to him, and he's able to fight back against toughs, as well as of course solve the convoluted mystery. It's basically full of cliches, but not in a way that I found very entertaining.
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